Sketch Bathroom London, UK

Public Restroom Design

We are taking a look at some of the public restroom and hospitality designs that have inspired us most. There is no shortage of imaginative and inventive design in any of our selections. Take a look at our top 3 public restroom designs from all over the world.


Originality at it’s finest can be seen first hand at London bar, Sketch. This bathroom design brings together sparkling accents, striking colors and unusual forms. It’s obvious Sketch’s designers were delving into the depths of their imaginations: The women’s toilets are designed to replicate a pearl inside a jewelry box.

Jo Shmo’s

Enter this bathroom at Jo Shmo’s and instantly be transported back to the 1970’s with beloved stars John Travolta and Olivia Newton- John setting the scene. The only things between the male and female restroom areas is a wall made of stainless steel. Highlighting each section are pink and blue lights to further differentiate the two entrances. I guess this is one design that’ll go into the Saturday Night Fever category.

Don’t Miss a Sec

Last, but not least is this captivating and shocking idea brought to life by artist Monica Bonivinci for Art Basel 35. The restroom in itself is comprised of simple parts, a stainless steel toilet and sink, and reflective walls for its exterior.



Graphic Design Helps Visualize Architectural Concepts

Many, see no correlation between architectural design and graphic design. However, those who truly handle the architecture process from beginning to end see that adding a graphic design element to the team could be beneficial. Designers can put together what is synonymous of an architectural drawing: the structure being conveying ideas and the execution is presenting these ideas. Good graphic design helps architects pitch their concepts better, helps developers market their projects smarter, and helps real estate teams sell their properties faster. Each of the services below is outlined to highlight a function or feature that adds a graphic design service that can help bring your architectural, design and structural ideas to life.

Too often brilliant architectural concepts go unbuilt for lack of proper articulation of the big ideas. When faced with the challenge of pitching to a client, to a city, or to the public it is extremely beneficial to work with graphic designers who can help visualize ideas simply. Our job as designers is to help tell your story in a way that is clear and easily understood by your audience. Our goal is to help the architect see their visions come to life by transforming the way they present their ideas by implementing the following:

  • Strategy
  • Diagrams
  • Renderings
  • Presentations

What is Strategy?

Nearly all architecture projects begin with an idea that needs to be conveyed to either a client, a city or the public. Incoming results from this phase can change developments in the entire project, that’s why developing a smart strategy for your creative storytelling is so crucial. This first phase, although more theoretical and methodical in implementation, should explore: location, address, name change, copywriting tones, and thematic ideas. Although this phase is more theoretical than visual, the results from our research will inform our key demographics and inform the overall aesthetic of the project.

Mood boards are an excellent way to bring together concepts, ideas and execution before ever starting the project. The mood board above was created for a local Miami bar, previously known as Bardót. After meeting with the client, the newly redesigned space would now boast an enormous boombox as a center piece along with thematic elements of the 90’s.


Diagrams and plan updates are useful when meeting wit clients to discuss project upkeep. The idea of turning a complex idea or mark up into a digestible piece of visual information can help the client grasp a concept to the full extent. Visual communication can be the site maps, existing site photos, figure ground studies, etc. which will help tell your story more clearly.

The diagram above was created for a local brewery in downtown Miami. The proposed plans helps clients understand and get a feel for their new brewery in an architectural aspect.


Photorealism too early in the design process can hinder overall project development. However, precisely timed and strategic mock ups of pre- developed project can go a long way. To the untrained eye, using an architectural visualization tool, such as renderings, can be an ingenious way to communicate a “finalized” look to the client. We can design powerful and effective renderings by: choosing the correct camera angles, lighting and overall composition.

This beautiful rendering came from a project on the famous and gorgeous, Hibiscus Island in Miami, FL. In the project above, we used the rendering as a form of testing material in correlation to each-other and to help the client visualize their new home home pre-construction. This also helps put the client at ease so that design changes can be made ahead of time as to not add unnecessary strain to the budget.


Designing concise presentations with a coherent narrative helps steer a conversation and educate your audience. Design and develop visually compelling presentations so that organized information can be discussed with clients in a clear and concise manner. Topics can range from financial problems, project timelines, line of communications and more.

The image captures a moment from a presentation that we designed. This presentation was designed to be projected directly on a whiteboard surface. Our architects were then able to sketch directly on the diagrams as they flipped through the projected slides. The city board was then easily able to visualize the proposed addition to the New York City office spaces.

MamaTried Inside

Mama Tried Miami: Rags, Retro and Vintage

Picture this: The year is 1978, the Atari arcade in the corner flickers with images from “breakout”, a scratched up radio crackles in the background to the tune of Merle Haggard’s “Mama Tried”… you look to your left and and there’s a gentleman turned to the “comics” section, “Garfield”, it reads. You take a bite out of your favorite new candy… Mama Tried Miami is born! 

That nostalgic feeling can still be found today at Mama Tried. This quaint retro bar is wedged between rolling skyscrapers and discount mart, created by the owners of some local bar-life staples: Sweet Liberty, The Bend, Purdy Lounge and Sidebar Miami. Studio Lamas worked on this project and found it to be fun, challenging, and keeping end result in mind, definitely worth all the hard work.

We recently stumbled upon an article in the Miami New Times and I think they agree, Mama Tried is a divebar-esque , for the locals, lowkey and interesting lounge, causing a quiet upset throughout Downtown Miami.

“The location was once home to Pub One, a gritty dive bar known for its billowing cigarette smoke and neighborhood likeability. Now, neon beer signs have given way to midcentury lamps and a ’70s motif. Crimson carpets run wall to wall, with a series of leather booths and highboys on each end. The focal point is the oblong-shaped bar equipped with ample counter space and chic stools. An illuminated ceiling simulates shooting stars and constellations while you sit back with a well-crafted negroni or classic daiquiri.” – Miami New Times, Elena Vivas

Check out the full article here: Miami New Times- Mama Tried