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Mama Tried Miami: Rags, Retro and Vintage

Picture this: The year is 1978, the Atari arcade in the corner flickers with images from “breakout”, a scratched up radio crackles in the background to the tune of Merle Haggard’s “Mama Tried”… you look to your left and and there’s a gentleman turned to the “comics” section, “Garfield”, it reads. You take a bite out of your favorite new candy… Mama Tried Miami is born! 

That nostalgic feeling can still be found today at Mama Tried. This quaint retro bar is wedged between rolling skyscrapers and discount mart, created by the owners of some local bar-life staples: Sweet Liberty, The Bend, Purdy Lounge and Sidebar Miami. Studio Lamas worked on this project and found it to be fun, challenging, and keeping end result in mind, definitely worth all the hard work.

We recently stumbled upon an article in the Miami New Times and I think they agree, Mama Tried is a divebar-esque , for the locals, lowkey and interesting lounge, causing a quiet upset throughout Downtown Miami.

“The location was once home to Pub One, a gritty dive bar known for its billowing cigarette smoke and neighborhood likeability. Now, neon beer signs have given way to midcentury lamps and a ’70s motif. Crimson carpets run wall to wall, with a series of leather booths and highboys on each end. The focal point is the oblong-shaped bar equipped with ample counter space and chic stools. An illuminated ceiling simulates shooting stars and constellations while you sit back with a well-crafted negroni or classic daiquiri.” – Miami New Times, Elena Vivas

Check out the full article here: Miami New Times- Mama Tried

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